Terms & Conditions
  • The Babylon group of hotels. reserves the right to suspend or exclude the participant from participating or continuing to participate in the program if in its opinion the participant in any way breaches the Terms & Conditions of this Program OR the participant’s conduct is in a manner inconsistent with the object and intent of this program, OR no transactions have been conducted in this program
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. may at its discretion cancel all points that have accrued to the participant if the right to participate in the program is suspended or excluded
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. has taken and will take all reasonable care to ensure that information published in relation to the program is accurate, but does not accept any liability relating to information provided by third parties. All descriptions of reward catalogues are based on information provided by suppliers
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. may at any time at its discretion suspend or terminate the program by giving notice to the participants. If the Babylon group of Hotels. terminates the Program, then all participants will be advised as to the time left for them, from the date of termination, to redeem all outstanding points. The points will be null and void after the expiry of this period
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The Babylon group of Hotels. agrees to use reasonable commercial endeavours to give prior notice of any changes to these Terms and Conditions
  • Any notice under these Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have been given by the Babylon group of hotels. if posted to a participant’s last known address or email id
  • The program reserves the right to undertake all possible steps to recover, including but not limited to charging the participant for any reward provided by the program where participants have been awarded points as a result of any misrepresentation, deception or error
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. reserves the right to check the validity of end user information by contacting end user at random
  • Fraudulent declaration will be dealt with appropriately and may lead to the participants being disqualified from the program with immediate effect
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. reserves the right to audit Members record associated with this program for conduct or action deemed contrary to acceptable business practice, as determined by The Babylon group of Hotels
  • The Babylon group of Hotels. will not meet the cost of any Tax that may apply to any reward particular to this program
  • Taxation liability and taxation advice is the sole responsibility of the individual participant, and the Babylon group of Hotels. Gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility as to the ultimate taxation treatment of business related rewards.
  • The decision the Babylon group of hotels. shall be final in all matters relating to the application of any rule or aspect of the Program. This includes the right to add, alter or delete the rewards offered to participants without prior notice and without any financial liability for unredeemed points or rewards.
  • Terms & Conditions of the Program are governed by the laws of the Republic of India.
  • For further information or queries, please email on grehelpdesk@hotelbabylon.com
  • Only requests received for point credit within 45 days of check-out will be processed. Requests recieved beyond the defined timeline will not be honored.
  • To claim a redemptions, participants must have accumulated the required number of points
  • Participants may only redeem up to the value of their current points balance
  • All rewards are subject to availability and suppliers’ restrictions
  • The Babylon group of hotels. may withdraw or substitute any reward for another reward of comparable value and nature
  • At the sole discretion of the Babylon group of hotels., points allocated to rewards may be adjusted due to cost increase, currency fluctuations, and/ or changes in import duties and taxes during the program
  • Due to supplier’s restrictions, some rewards may not be available in a participating city/ state. Hotel Babylon group of hotels., in agreement with the participant, may substitute an item in the reward catalogue with another, which is of equal value in the event that the model has been superseded or is out of stock
  • The specific models and features of products may differ between city/ states from the merchandise displayed on the website, reward brochure or a list
  • The Babylon group of hotels do not accept any liability with respect to death or injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the supply of a reward or from the loss, theft or destruction of a reward....
  • The Babylon group of hotels give no warranty whatsoever with respect to rewards provided under the program. In particular, no warranty with respect to the quality of rewards or their suitability for any purpose is given. However, certain rewards are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. If a reward item develops a defect while in use, all the complaints should be directed to the manufacturer of the reward item. The Babylon group of Hotels. does not assume any liability nor does it represent any warranty for any reward items days of receipt of the same giving full details including the name of the carrier
  • The participant is required to inform the Program Manager in the event of non-receipt of reward item within 28 days of the date of redemption failing which the reward item shall be treated as delivered
  • Should any reward not be fulfilled due to geographical or other unforeseen circumstances, the Babylon group of Hotels. and its appointed agency cannot be held responsible
  • All rewards must be taken as advised to the recipient and are not transferable. Rewards cannot be substituted for cash or alternative goods
  • All rewards are subject to availability and such rewards shall automatically expire if not utilized by the due dates. The points redeemed for these rewards shall not be returned to the participants account on expiry of the reward
  • No Substitute to the reward will be permitted after the deadline.